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Daniel Saldarriaga

I feed off knowledge and criticism.





Slogan: Choose Your Own Ground

Created by: Daniel Saldarriaga

Founded in 2010 Revere MA



Hello my fellow online peers

               Jaywalking; the term used to describe a pedestrian crossing a roadway illegally and without looking out for on-going traffic. My name is Daniel and I am one of the many people that jaywalk in the small, yet busy town of Boston, Massachusetts. In many people's eyes, jaywalkers are hated, discriminated, and even decimated in the attempts of getting to his or her destination. Win or lose, the  jaywalker takes the choice to be that one individual who does not wait for a green light to tell them when to go. In short, a jaywalker is simply someone who takes on the challenge of getting to one's goal, no matter the odds or obstacles coming at 40-50 miles per hour. The logo itself is the shape of my own J made from the white lines of crosswalks that I created 3 years back while doodling in college, and I stuck with it ever since. The slogan however took me quite a while, but after listening to Jeff and taking his advice I thought of many slogans that could incoporate my image of Jaywalker: something to make the person inspired to wear the jaywalker mark. "Choose your own ground" can be be simply put as a statement to be yourself and choose your own standing in life. Be an individual and stand by your beliefs, your passions, and your morals, and disseminate them to the public that wish to be your obstacles.

          Ever since I was 9 years old I have always had a big love for history. Not oly just for American, but the world itself. We live in a world with a history of famous and inspirational "jay walkers" that we tend to forget about, which is half of what I want my clothes to incoporate; a little bit of history for the belholders. For example our 25th and 26th President of the United Sates, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, stands as one of few presidents who you could consider an American Badass. He left his job as a Navy Seal assisant secretary and New York police commisioner to form his cavalry of misfits to fight in the Battle of San Juan Heights in 1898, as a advantage in fighting Spain for Cuba's independence, known as the original "Rough Riders". By committing this wreckless and bold act without looking at consciquences of death or capture, became governor of New York the same year, leading to vice presidency in 1901 and a two-term Presidency after the assassination of his precedor, William McKinley. Not only that but he was famously known for his hunting game and crossing on a moose through a river as if it was his faithful steed. Ghandi, "Tank Man" from the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in China, Julia Childs, Malcolm X, Phillippe Petit, and many of others to me are what I like to think of as histories famous "jaywalkers".

          In retrospect we could all be a jaywalker in many ways whether if it contributes to art, science, sports, or even being an individual,  but we should consider ourselves as a leader and choose something we see worth risking before the light says walk.

Thank you for your time.

(Your opinions are very important to my process as I am still working out the ideas and concepts.)


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