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Hi Everyone!

Its Chapter2 Drawing facial expressions I work with some expressions to get comfortable with the way Patrick does in the video, I said I wanted to get a more anatomic style, but it was about drawing exaggerated expressions so I have been working with a cartoon style this time. Used some Google images, Humberto Ramos and Patrick deviant gallery pics for references

Introducing “Willy the pirate” for the male samples and “wonderbollo” a character of my own creation for the female, so enjoy!

And as soon as I got time again will be back for chapter 3





Hi everyone!

I´m Daniel Maine and learning from scratch with this skillshare tutorials!

For step0, I got limited material so I use a 0.5 mechanical blue pentel a 0.5 mechanical black pentel and a simple eraser, will try to buy some good paper for the next steps but for now I just use normal paper, the one you usually use for printers and normal stuff.

And here are some samples from the step 1, started with normal positions, trying to get comfortable with the skeleton for the figures, make a lot of men and women figures inspiring with some google images I found, some movie pics from "300", "avengers" and "inmortals". The figures shots from kotobukiya are in handy too, because they use to make some cool 360º galleries of their statues and this helps you to see different positions not just front ones. At the end I started to add some details just for fun :)


so ready now for step 2, will be back soon!


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