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Luis Giraldo-Rojas

Imperial Eloquence




WHATS MY STORY: IE is a brand telling the story of CREATIVE POWERFUL STYLE through the eyes of a non conformist doing it OUR WAY- The IMPERIAL WAY

We provide streetwear apparel and accesories and the platform we will be using is Instagram. Apparel and lifestyle are better represented and received via our IG's do to the type of users on there, the hastag abilities and the opportunity to correctly present our brand with emotionally invigorating images.

My strategy is to build an ongoing story for young Artist and Creatives who see fashion as a way to express themselves and grow with an edge and a unique touch of Masculinity, Inspiration, Credibility, Ambition.

Im using a standard image sze using our colors: Purple, Grey, Black on lifestyle/motivating/Artistic Content using the symbols in our logo of the Lion and the Bull.

As a Taurus and an animal lover I have believe the elegance, power, strenght and grace these two animals represent can be relatable to our demographic and encompass our brands energy from an animalistic/subconscious side.

This content will showcase Creative Powerful Style; our Mantra, with the symbol or image of each animal on the outside of the 3 picture grid and an image of our offerings or proprietary content in the middle. 

I believe by doing this now and this way we can seperate ourselves from other pages in our category and this will give us an organized route and viable form to represent our story and brand. With the imagery of the animals we can offer value with inspiration, laughs, quotes while implanting our brand in our followers subconscious and we'll direct traffic to our online shop with our "hook" as part of every posts.

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