Mia King






Target Audience: Readers interested in genres such as romance, drama, thriller, and mystery (basically a Hitchcock film, but not quite). My target audience is anyone interested in contemporary fiction. It's not a teen fiction, but it is also enjoyable for those who read John Green or Cassandra Clare. Contains homoerotic content. Readers discretion is advised.

One Line: A musician hires a private investigator to find his missing lover, a famous poet who is dragged into comitting a crime for a corrupt politician.

Blurb: A musician lives a normal, happy life in the city of Seattle. He takes brisk walks to Pike Place Market every Sunday morning and frequently visits his local coffee shop where he interacts with ecclectic artists who share his romantic ideology of the world. Despite his comfortable lifestyle, the musician is forever searching for his missing lover, the wildly eccentric and free verse poet Lucien Crevier. Disappearing after his last night in a remote island with the musician, Lucien suddenly emerges in a party the musician is invited to, and their reunion is anything but mundane.

Short Story Excerpts:

"I kept wishing for Chuck Berry to play as I took a sip of my tea, tuning out In a Sentimental Mood as much as I could by leaning the side of my head against the cold, glass window and letting the sound of rainfall and my blood swelling through my ears drown every bit of the piano's pulse until all that was left was muffled thumps and beats of blissful daze."

"'There's hardly anything in the market but tossed fish, Lucien,' I remarked. His brows knitted then relaxed all in a second while a smile sliced across my face. I was stroking his shoulder all the way down to the side of his thigh. Once in a while, my lips would brush gently against his pale skin, just barely touching the surface but enough to have him twitch."

I am currently working on my first chapter. The passages above are not my full work but sections of it. I'm posting a full page soon, but in the meantime, comment on what you think of it.


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