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THE CRAZE (the mobile KL rave party!)

WELCOME TO THE CRAZE! A massive RV that mechanically produces outdoor speakers and lights and produces a live RAVE. Then a large portable stage will be built in front of the RV. Karmaloop is known for doing events and collaborations with hip hop artists. But I feel that they are not taking advantage of one of the largest crowds of youthful people that are out right now and that is the Pop/Techno/EDM following. Raves have been going on since the 80's. And has been growing in popularity ever since expecially in people between the ages of 16-25. Everywhere there is a rave, there is a large crowd of youthful people following. But this is not just any ordinary rave. It is a MOBILE RV rave. The Event will be live streamed on and Karmaloop TV.

The Craze will be held at Central Park in New York City, one of the largest parks in the United States that garners alot of attention and traffic. The Karmaloop RV will contain all of the neccesities for the rave and when parked can fold out into a stage for the event!

People will run wild, excited, anticipating the big event. We will book Skrillex, one of the top EDM dj's host and perform and infront of the Karmaloop RV, there will be several Karmaloop vendor booths selling exclusive Karmaloop gear! The Karmaloop vendor booths will be set up and ran by the highest performing members of the Karmaloop REP team. Along with authorized subcontracted food vendors who would love pay Karmaloop to cater to such a big event. 

CROWD HYPE: Normally when you go to concerts there are people launching items into the crowd. We are going to launch Karmaloop Gear into the crowd!

Now this may sound like a bit of caos at first but if you take the time to let your imagination digest the imagery you will find that this is a million dollar idea.  At the end of the day, an idea is nothing without action. So how do you pull off an idea like this? Its simple.

  1. Buy or Rent an RV
  2. Subcontract the venue
  3. Book the artist
  4. Sub contract the food vendors
  5. Watch the people and money come in

There are Pro's to renting and buying the RV. The pro's of renting the RV would be cost efficiency. It would be alot cheaper to rent an RV. The benefits of purchasing the RV would be that Karmaloop would own it forever. And could use it whenever for different purposes. Even purposes outside of the KL Rave party. 

I know that Karmaloop is partnered with The Breakfast Club which also happens to be one of the highest rated radio stations in the U.S. We can use them to promo the KL Rave Party! They also happen to be in New York City, hense where the Karmaloop Rave party will be located. This is a perfect opportunity to attract some hip hop fans to the show as well as  the Electronic Dance Music fans. That way we can attract diversity to the event. 

This idea is very lucrative. For one you will make money solely off of the ticket sales. The park that we throw the rave party at will have to be subcontracted. A venue of 10,000 would be particular small considering most outdoor venues hold about 25,000 along with the infamous summer jam seating 50,000. If we get an outside venue that can hold just 10,000 people and we charge 30 dollars per entry your looking at 300,000 just from the ticket sales. Not to mention the money from the food vendors we subcontract, and Karmaloop clothing vendor booths that Karmaloop gear will be sold. We will need a staff of about 30 people to succesfully complete the event. 

Keep in mind that not only will this idea make money from the actual event, but it also garners more attention to the store. People that have never heard of Karmaloop before will be exposed to the lifestyle. Word of mouth of this Mobile Karmaloop logo will travel everywhere that this RV goes. The more people that see the KL LOGO the more attention that is geared to the online store. 

Karmaloop has already established themselves as a company for being the biggest online platform in retail. So now lets take it to the streets! Why stop there at just one event.  This Karmaloop Party Rave RV can go on tour to all of the largest cities and College Universities in the United States! We can turn any park or parking lot into a live rave party just by pulling the RV over!  The Karmaloop RV moving Rave Party will become a sensation, everyone will be following the mobile Karmaloop logo throughout the United States of America.

The Mobile KL Rave Party coming to a city near you!



Derian Ruth

twitter: @provokingpoetry

email: [email protected]


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