Cedrik Faison





Colorflow began as a means of creating a brand that offered the world an opportunity to break away from the normalcy of major fashion brands. Our goal was to establish a product which was unable to be identified or labeled as being developed for any particular group of people based on race, class or etc. We are a very diverse group of individuals, with very diverse likes and attractions therefore we needed a brand that encompassed just that. We began by hand-painting garments then began to evolve into the arena of cut and sew. Here are a few examples of our early works. 

Due to our desire to offer our customers a wide range of threads, we not only have provided the items above but also various graphics and CAD's. Here are a few.

Colorflow is now evolving towards a more controlled feel and focusing on its strong suits. Colors, fit and composition are our biggest goals, along with true customer satisfaction. We are certain that our up and coming features will prove to do just that.

Button Concept

Bookbag Concept

Billboard Sample


Live from the Workshop

Thank you for this opportunity to share my dream!


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