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Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.



TEDxFurmanU Talk

Video coming soon, photo by Hanna Woodward

We’re all teachers and students (1 minute)
(Introduction, opening hook)

  • Shifting of roles, from teacher to curator
  • We all have something to share as teachers
  • Learning anywhere, with anyone, anytime, and in any way
  • Education vs. learning

Shaping your own learning 
(three core ideas + one short story)

1. Making Your Own Path (2 minutes)

    • There is no correct answer or way to do things
    • Not a prescribed path
    • It’s not one size fits all, we all learn in different ways
    • Make your own path to go down
      • Personal story
        • Crafts as a kid
        • Technology and entrepreneurship in middle school
        • Graphic design, lighting design for theater in high school

    2. Shape Your Learning (2 minutes)

      • Taking an active role
      • Learning isn't something you do passively
      • Building, shaping, and designing our own learning ecosystem and environment
      • What you work on, learn, and who you surround yourself with
        • Personal story
          • Art school + side projects and freelance + art history decision
          • Started working on education projects
          • Learning by Doing (2 minutes)

      3. Learning by Doing (2 minutes)

        • Shift from tests to projects
        • Experimenting, failing, and playing
        • Collaboration with others
          • Personal story
            • All of the past things I’ve done equals what I do know
            • My role at Skillshare now (I’m learning by doing)
            • Dean of the School of Design
            • Skillshare rock poster design class (students are learning by doing)

        What to do with what we learn (1 minute)
        (challenge and charge for everyone moving forward)

        • How this is productive and sustainable
          • Designing your own education is about shaping our own future and our collective future as we all grow together
        • Making relationships with people
        • Building community through and around learning
        • Embrace the uncertainty of the path forward
        • Go out and follow your passion and curiosity
        • Embrace the uncertainty of the path forward
        • Go out and follow your passion and curiosity


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