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Quentin Samuels

Co-Creator of Tapestry (Jamaar Pye)




We are TAPESTRY: a multiplatform, multisensory art experience expressed primarily through clothing.  We offer a collection of interrelated life experiences captured through the canvas of thread and fabric. Because art reflects life, TAPESTRY weaves universal experiences with diverse interpretations. Simply put, if life is a collection of experiences and dialogue, then art and fashion deserve to be a part of the conversation.


As with all of our designs, this design was borne out of a series of questions, namely “Who gets to define luxury?”


One way to get at an answer is to consider the idea that what we value most at any given moment determines our most pressing needs versus what we name as luxuries. 

The impact we have on the world around us largely depends on what we choose to privilege. Should we prioritize the looming nature of time? Or should we give our energy over to the resources we need to make our dreams come true? Should we, in truth, devote our efforts to transforming the ways we think about the world around us, thus causing us to do more with our time and resources? Or do we, in all honesty, have to choose at all? 

The essence of this design captures the everyday push we all make to seek what we need most, ultimately separating needs from desires. 

So, who defines luxury? We all do -- when we choose to privilege this over that, when we assign value to this over that. 


Each aspect of the design is inquisitive. Each piece of the conversation questions what we privilege by striking through the ideas of our time, resources, and sense of self. The strikethroughs then point to the ambiguity of the relationship between what we privilege and luxury.


Persuaded by our conviction, we are encouraged to offer this particular conversation piece (what we call our products) as a three-sided argument. Each piece privileges one of three precious and luxurious commodities: our time (SINCE), our resources (CENTS), or our sense of self (SENSE). 

Because in the end, why should anyone be forced to choose only one when, in reality they are all necessary.


Because of our commitment to minimizing our brand's carbon footprint, we’ve utilized an eco-conscious fabric which blends a 55% to 45% ratio of organic cotton and recycled polyester, respectfully. In our commitment to finding balance between product quality and environmental sustainability, we incur a slightly higher cost associated with our manufacturing expenses, yet we feel that it's important that we uphold our philosophy of conscious creativity.  We were able to achieve a soft, durable feel without sacrificing any element of our overall production.


We place a heavy emphasis on the quality of the canvas as much as the art chosen to display on the canvas. 

With this beautiful art in heart and hand, we offer a unique and nuanced expression of culture and connection.


Makes sense, right?

Now in light of this conversation, if given the choice: your time, your resources or sense of self, which would you privilege? And when?


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