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T Shirts for Artists

5th June 2013

Hi everyone, I'm Karri. I hope to hear from a few of you.

Metal Mulisha for artists.

Where brands such as Metal Mulisha, Fox and Unit are aimed toward fans and athletes of extreme sports I would like to create a t shirt company that would be aimed at artists; designers, chefs, architects, designers, anyone who creates or imagines.

After speaking with three potential customers, I prioritised the three biggest holes in my idea into:

1. Brand recognition/Marketing. How will I make my brand known?

2. Cost. Where will I find the funds to begin?

3. Manufacturing. How will I maintain quality? How will I find the best pricing (especially when printing small batches)?



6th June 2013


So, my MVP is to create a design. The logo, brand name, illustration etc. I can then present this to potential customers to gain feedback.

So, my first step is to create the brand, the logo, the overall theme. It needs to be recognisable. I would then create my first design (aiming for three) and present these to potential customers. The feedback I gain would be used to adjust my designs and actionable plan. The third step would be to print a small batch of shirts from two or three different printers to test for quality and the speed of their processes. If I am not happy with any of the batches, I would then test from two or three more printers. Once happy with a manufacturer I would give shirts to potential customers and ask for feedback. From here I would then host a giveaway to garner interest in my shirts and hopefully pick up buyers.

Let me know what you think. 




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