T SHIRT PRINTING - student project


I would like to say thank you for this tutorial all this time i was trying to do something like this but i  was being too hard on my self i thought you must be the best first.This was my first attempt i struggled to put the textures and i am not yet good with colors as well.

please guys will appreciate if u can critique my work it is the  best way to learn.T SHIRT PRINTING - image 1 - student projectT SHIRT PRINTING - image 2 - student projectT SHIRT PRINTING - image 3 - student projectT SHIRT PRINTING - image 4 - student projectthis is how it came out i tried to make it as easy  as possible for people to understand  how the process goes from the computer to the cutter and the last to the heat press.


To Froese

thank you so much i will try more attempts until i fill i'm perfect