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T-Rex and Lion

Second Project :: T-Rex ::

Decided to try my hand at doing this tutorial a second time but with a different character.  Went with T-Rex. Can't go wrong with T-Rex, right??

I really like how it came out, but there is just something that is "off" about it. Maybe the teeth?  Input would be great!

Original Project :: 

I went ahead and followed right along for my first time through.  Wanted to really get a feel for the process before jumping in and doing my own design (next up is my dog!)

I've been using Illustrator for quite some time now but have always loved and admired work like Fraser puts together.  Signed up for Skillshare just to do this tutorial.  I learned a lot of new techniques and plenty of processes that I will continue using in my own work.  Plan to go over this tutorial many times to nail everything down perfectly.

Here was the process for me:

And this is the final piece:


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