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Bryana Alvidrez

Graphic Designer



Syrupy Sweet

I wanted to do a piece of art inspired by a band I really love, Paramore. They have a little interlude song on their latest album called "I'm Not Angry Anymore" and I have always loved this particular line in the song: I'm not angry anymore, I'm surupy sweet. I knew this would make the perfect subject for this hand lettering class!

Here is the original sketch (cleaned up):

Then I took it into illustrator, and vectorized:

I knew it needed some type of illustrated element, just to make it more fun. So I sketched out some sweets:

Much more fun! Now for color:

I couldn't decide which color combo I preferred, but I'm really liking the pink:

Thoughts? Once I decide on the colors I am going to go back and add a little bit of texture in photoshop for added depth.


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