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Synergistic Communication Workshop

"Yesterday was the 1st time I was really able to hear my 18 years old son" 

She said it with tears in her eyes, after a single day of a Synergistic Communication workshop. 18 years of fights, judgements, pain and disconnection.

Such moments bring pain and hope.

Pain for wasting to many years.

Hope for better relationship from now on.


My name is Ronny Weinberger.

I'm helping people to improve important relationship in their life through developing crucial communiction and listening skills.

This includes relationhips in the family, in the workplace, in the community and most important with ourselves.

People who attend my workshop are exposed to practical tools which can be implemented immediately in everyday situations.

My intention in this project is to build a marketing plan for a 1-day "Synergistic Communication" workshop.  


#1) My 11 Questions

1. What is Marketing for?

Selling 1-day Synergistic Communication Workshop.

Helping people developing crucial communication skills to improve important relationship in their lives. 

2. What are we allowed to touch?


3.    What can I  measure?

% enrolled in early registration.

Number of participants enrolled

Returning Customers

Satisfaction level

Up Sales

4.    What can I change?

Internal – my workshop, the way I run it.

External - awareness, commuication skills, invreased connection, greater hope.

5.    What should we promise? (to our people and to our customers) 

Practical communication & listening tools which can be used immediately for fixing & building relationships with people you care: with your spouse, children, in the workplace and more.

Connection with yourself.

6.    What is the hard part?

Too much “noise” and other “similar” approaches.

Other trainers in similar methods.

7.    Should we make trends or follow them?

Workshop – follow.

Community building and full-life implementation – make

 8.    Where is the risk?

The risk to me – Impact my Reputation. Disappointment of customers who won't return. 

The risk to the customer - Waste of time. Dissapointemnt. Can’t implement in their life. Despair. 

9.    Who is in charge here?

I am

10. What is the money for?

  • Direct mails.
  • Gifts in the workshop (to help attract people)
  • Space & Food.

11. What’s the most important way to spend my time?

Proactive vs. Reactive. Time as the most valuable time.

  • Design the workshop and tune it to keep improving.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • High quality landing page.
  • Invest in materials (pareticpant's handbook).
  • "Referal systems"


#2) The business or brand I’m marketing

Synergistic Communication Workshop = Fix, create and enjoy crucial relationship in your life using an integrated set of awareness + communication + practical tools.


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