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Sierra Breshears

// graphic designer



Sync Watercolor Logo


When I ran across this class on Watercolor Branding, I was truly inspired to make an amazing logo. I actually watched the whole thing at about midnight last night, slept on it, and woke up with inspiration!

So I started with my moodboard, because as simple as it seems it is actually 100% necessary to make a good logo. I really enjoyed the bright vibrant colors in the Beats headphones, the crisp and modern lines in the pink heels, the gradient in those sunglasses (oh my word, I'm obsessed) and of course, the fun party atmosphere of the disco ball. It all just screams FUN! and lots of bass on the dance floor. So I invented a made-up client... a DJ company called "Sync".


I chose the almost neon green watercolor texture in the Mini Watercolor Pack because it justs fits so well. I used the font Quicksand Book for its clean and sophisticated lines. With a few different alternative designs, I landed on the first one and expanded it into 4 settings. I would totally feel comfortable sending off any of these to a client. It makes me want to push the play button and start jamming!


This is what I chose as the final product. I love the subtle gradient that the watercolor gives the word SYNC. So modern and upbeat. Quirky and expressive. I'm thinking it's time to party. Who's in?

Let me know what you think of this project! I'd love to hear from you.


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