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I'm a learner. So this course really sticks out to me, and if it can help improve how I learn and retain new information that would be great! So we will see!

I'm not too sure about setting goals as the examples show, with dates and relations to other things, but here are some of my thoughts.

  1. Focus. I tend to have a wandering mind, so even if I'm reading or watching something that I'm really interested in I still think about something totally different at the same time. Kind of like there are two highways running through my head at once, it's not usually a problem, but there is some noise in the signal. I would like to more single-mindedly focus on a task at hand (I know this is vague and not tied to a specific goal).
  2. Read Faster. A non-specific goal again, I know. But, I do read a lot, multiple articles and part of a book every day, plus work communications. I'm an avid reader and have been for years, but my reading speed is lower than average despite the high quantity of reading time I put in. I took a short reading/comprehension test before writing this, and I currently read at about 157 wpm with a 64% comprehension rate. That sounds about what I would have guessed. My goal would be to increase my speed to at least 400 wpm and an 80% comprehension rate by September. That seems totally do-able. Because I do read so much, increasing my overall speed would make that part of my life much better.
  3. Rails. Part of my desire to increase my learning efficiency is that I am an avid learner. I'm always reading something or attempting to learn a new skill. I work as a designer and front-end developer, the professional field is extremely fast paced and constantly changing. One thing I would like to learn and have attempted several times is to gain a strong grasp of a backend language. That would allow me, essentially, to build a full-stack application, from backend to front-end to design, all on my own. I've dabbled in PHP, JavaScript frameworks (I know that's front-end), Ruby, and Rails. Lately, I have spent more time with Rails and how to quickly prototype an application. I would like to grow my learning ability to better study, learn, and retain information. My goal would be to continue with my Rails studies and have a good working knowledge of Rails and building an application by August.

That's about it for now, I'll post more as I progress and develop new thoughts.


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