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Natasha Gajewski

momma, wife, maker of @sympleapp



Symptom Diary and Health Journal

What is the one question that starts every visit to your doctor?

"How are you feeling?"

Or, if you are in treatment or have a chronic condition, "How have you been feeling?"

These questions begin a relationship, and the answers almost always contribute to a course of action, a diagnosis, and ultimately a treatment plan. 

Yet, patients have a hard time answering that question because for too long we've been conditioned not to observe and value our symptoms (cure the problem, not the symptom). And also, our memory might not be as secure as it needs to be, or we are reluctant to pay attention to and dignify our symptoms.

But symptoms are important, very important. And industry has elevated and begun marketing to our symptom experience.

Symple empowers patients to be smarter about their health and health choices. By creating precise records over time, by recording factors that may exacerbate or alleviate symptoms, and by building intelligent reports for providers, Symple lifts the patient from an object of the healthcare system to an engaged participant.


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