Symmetry Garden

Symmetry Garden - student project

Symmetry Garden - image 1 - student projectThanks for this wonderful, thorough class Brooke! So many great tips and shortcuts! I watched this class a couple years ago when I was first learning Procreate, and it was so good to revisit to learn of the new features and also as a refresher (because I can’t remember it all). It’s a ton of info and a great resource to have.

I created this piece using the symmetry feature. It’s one of my fave features in Procreate because it makes simple doodles and marks look good. One of my fave things I learned as I watched this class again is saving brush sizes and opacity levels! This will help me keep lines consistent without having to guess where I set it before I changed it. I also love that I can change brush settings in so many ways! I’ve always hated that the Flat Brush starts out transparent before it becomes opaque, so I turned it up to maximum opacity. So much better. 

Thanks again for this class and all of the updates!

Deborah Choi
watercolor artist