Symbolism - student project

Earlier this week as I returned from running errands, I saw a group of about 20 Egrets pecking away on the side of this apartment. I moved to Florida a little over a year ago. In all this time, I've never seen a group of Egrets. 

I was struck by their grace and coordination. The fluidity of the way they grazed the grass yet remained in a group was fascinating to watch. Because I tend to look at things as symbols, I immediately noticed the irony of their color and grazing location. We know the color white to be associated with purity in most western cultures; however, in some cultures, white is often associated with death and mourning, the cycle of life, and the end of one life and the beginning of another.

The Egrets are grazing upon grass adjacent to an apartment where a resident was discovered dead about 2 weeks ago. When the event unfolded, it was under the cover of darkness. Very secretive. They removed her body and closed the door and no on talked about. I recall having a very somber feeling whenever I walk past her apartment. 

Until now. The Egrets are there and have been there every day since I snapped this photo earlier this week. The energy now is rather refreshing and light instead of somber and dark. There's something very spiritual and special about their sudden arrival. Whatever is maybe, I appreciate the opportunity to experience it. 

Cy Price ❣

App Store Specialist