SymGeoAsymmetry  - student project

M O D U  L E  -   # 3  -  S E T # 1

Some 2nd Lecture photos and module #3 pics. I'll have some more later.

The Pews

I took the bottom picture at Duke University Chapel and immediately saw the line. I leveled it off with the top and this is what it looked like. Another way I could have shot this was along side closer to the benches? but I thought this works?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 1 - student project

Chapel Window

This was cropped from another shot at an angle so I straightened it out as much as possible.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 2 - student project


There was an Art Exhibit at one of our museums an this artist uses inks and charcoal and uses a lot of lines. so how would something like this work? A kind of abstract?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 3 - student project


On the right is a relection of the bottom sculpture. Would you have cropped this tighter to focus more on the lines? 

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 4 - student project


This was taken as you walk through a walkway towards the entrance of the museum. As the snow melted water was coming down. saw this. Would this be fairly flat?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 5 - student project


This lady was one of the docent of the exhibit and she was doing her thing standing so i caught her with this pose and I told 'don't move' and shot her. Would this be similar to that picture you had of the woman on the couch with one leg extended and the other crossed? Abstract?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 6 - student project


On my way home there is this (you would probably know the type of architecture) beautiful bank structure ( what you're seeing is the top of the roof ) that begs to be shot.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 7 - student project

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 8 - student project



SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 9 - student project


To Focus more on the lines would you crop this person out and zoom in more?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 10 - student project

The original is below

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 11 - student project

Here Ducky Ducky

I was watching kids feed the ducks at this park  when I spotted this.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 12 - student project        

Fingers Good

After lunch I saw this child sitting there noshing  and as I turned back this is what I saw.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 13 - student project

Fountain / Boy

Here around the fountain people stop, sit and play all day so naturally this child just had to walk around the perimeter. I couldn't decide whether the fountain drops or the boy should be the subject? I thought this picture captured several elements. The original is below........

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 14 - student project

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 15 - student project

  L E C T U R E   # 2   P H O T O S

Set 1 - Structures

I took a short drive to downtown Raleigh to see what I could find and I found these following buildings that I shot.

Building 1 - below polygon top

This is a hotel which I'm not sure what lines you might call at the top? Pieces of Baroque, Sinister and horizontal?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 16 - student project

Buliding 2 - below office

I had to stop when I saw this with all the repeating verticals and because I couldn't shoot dead on, I shot it from the corner of the street which gave me the Baroque, RoTs, reciprocals and the eye?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 17 - student project

Building 2a - below office a

Here is the full bulding view with the strong verticals.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 18 - student project

Building 3 - below auditorium

This structure gave me some challenges. I couldn't shoot straight on because there was a granite monument witha pool smack in the front middle of this building so I had to shoot from the side. I don't know who thought of the placement of that monument which is approx. 40 feet from the front but it is completely in the way of enjoying the full frontal of the building. Not sure where to comment on this one so I'll reply when you comment.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 19 - student project

Building 4 - below tree facade

This building where you see the picture of a tree is really made of individual square like louvered square tiles that kind of flutter and shimmer in the wind. That's what drew me to it before I saw the bigger picture. Again I had to shoot from the street because there was an Amphitheater across the street that fenced forcing me to take it from the corner. 

I really think it captures alot of the angles in the lecture?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 20 - student project

Building 5 - below triangle

Then this building stuck out like a sore thumb. 

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 21 - student project

Building 6 - below patio table

I shot this fron underneath a metal patio table to capture the positve and negative lines but I'm not sure if the overall picture works or not? I thought the idea was cool.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 22 - student project

Metal Bench - below back

I shot this through the back of the metal bench.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 23 - student project

Metal Bench 1 - below

I thought htis gave a good example of the Baroque and Sinister lines.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 24 - student project



1st Lecture Photos 

Hi Frank, trying to place the rule of thirds can be a bit of a challenge......

The subject of focus is the light blue figure which I placed within the lines but I had a hard time trying to place the cage within the guides as well, but I could have pulled out for a wider shot but 

I always try to shoot while conciously thinking about my background altough I wasn't crazy about the BBQ in the back

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 25 - student project

With these first 4 photos I was trying to place the subJects within the rules as well as fore/mids/and backs..........

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 26 - student project

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 27 - student project

This shot above gave me a bit of a hard time while I was thinking of subject placement, rules and especially the it the angle of my shot because I wanted the stairs, the wires above, the door and the subject lady....thoughts?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 28 - student project

the shot of Buddha (subject) gave me similar fits because I wanted to put it all in? to much?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 29 - student project

Should the wedding I shot at the beach of the rings be more on the left to fall within the rules? And expose more of the beach/sand on the right?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 30 - student project

What would be your comment on this photo? with the wrought iron fence on the left and the lady on the right?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 31 - student project

I saw this huge poster inside this room at this university....

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 32 - student project

How would this fall within our first module? The subject of focus is the middle.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 33 - student project

......fore, mid and back?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 34 - student project

The subject of focus was the ladies hand and the rock. I cropped it a little and brought the picture closer to fall within the rules...?

The picture below is before the crop

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 35 - student project's my new Buddha (below) was a close shave!

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 36 - student project

I saw this man walking through so I had to be quick to catch him in between.....

Would the top be considered the top 2/3rds?

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 37 - student project

This window was staring right at me when I was looked to me like a frame within a frame and more frames.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 38 - student project

This is a backyard shot where I saw the wheel barrel, the ground, the wood pile and the house.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 39 - student project

.......the lady was from an Indian wedding. She was holding all these gold braclets and awaiting her turn to place them on the brides wrist & I had to get that.

so this would be a distinct fore & back?


SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 40 - student project

..........cropped it squared.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 41 - student project

........another wedding shot........

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 42 - student project

This was taken in Thailand.

SymGeoAsymmetry  - image 43 - student project