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Sylvia Muller

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Sylvia's Styling Project

Before and After/ Console "Top of my Fireplace"



I couldn't finish the bed, but I'll get to it in the near future...

Before and After/ Coffeetable

This are my grandmother's chairs.  I did change fabric and wood color. 

I realized it was too plain.  I found two rugs for the place.  What do you think?  I placed two together because I've seen this tendency is coming.  Or the long one or the small better?

Finally Justina, after several weeks!!!

My bookshelf

Before Side 1 Before

I have several art proyects from my son Roberto.  He was in IB arts during highschool, a year ago.  I have all over the house his work.  The world is his, the wresteling arm (garbage and nature) and the dear.  There are more in his room as well as other areas.  I will have to decorate the whole house!


Bookshelf Side 2 (interior) Before

Bookshelf Side 2 After

Sitting Area Office Before

Sitting Area Office After

I'm super proud of my family wall!  It's just that I needed it so much and finally had a place for it!  Now I need more old family pictures.  My mom is that beautiful girl.  She was 18 by then!

It is not finished.  I still need to buy small round mirrors and different objects to apply your 8 principles of design.  But I am ready to at least share it with you!

Dinning Room Before


Entrance Before

After. It is still missing flowers and the bling but I need to go shopping for more things and I need more time...  But the tips and recomendations are in my head now.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

I'm still missing colorful pillows and bling!

My father inlaw was an engenier and my husband an architect.  He gave my husband all his tools from 1928!  There are here.  Camaras, measuring tools, pens, notebooks etc.

Please comment on my progress.  Tips are always welcome.  Thank you Justina.  I have 20 adults for lunch plus kids from church and I heard great coments.  They noticed the difference.  More than that, I realized you can actually see things separetaly.  For some reason, when it is cluter, you may not notice the piece and when it is well placed, you see it as a master piece.  Thank you!


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