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Sydney with Rad

Hi everyone, my name is Radek(aka Rad), I'm from Prague and currently studying and working in Sydney. I love this project and found it pleasantly challenging. I'm fan of architecture, design, photography and simply things that are visualy appealing and I just feel like this project allows me to connect all of these together. 

1. Street portrait: This shot wasn't easy one. Even though I've got the 'right to take a photo' of a stranger I just feel uncomfortable doing it. It is something I need to work on... This photo was taken around midnight on my way back home from work. I'm pretty sure he knew I'm shooting but he didn't change his attitude/bodylanguage at all. The way I edited the photo is simple, keep the chairs leveled, him in the right part, realistic colors and give it night time feel. 

2. Look up: Ok this is tricky one for one simple reason, I love look ups and I took like 100 of them in three days and would like to use each of them equally, I really strugle to choose this shot... 
This was taken very close to Harbour bridge, matter of fact, what you see in the right corner is part of a bridge that connect CBD and North Sydney. Love how the clouds play with the sky and the reflection - basically the only reasons why I opted for this shot. 

3. Motion: I wanted to go with train, bike, bus or taxi shot but after 15 minutes of waiting in one spot this guy appeared out of nowhere running for his life. I 'sprayed and prayed' and this is the result. I'm really happy I got this shot as I was looking the other way and couldn't see him until the very last moment. It is not super sharp but I still feel that the enhanced brightness of his hi vis construction shirt gives the shot the needed effect.

4. Night shot: Night time photography is my favourite. I wish I would actually take some time studying the different technics and learn how to do it properly and get the very best out of my D7k. This was taken with 1.8 50. I love skylines and particular this photo because it is an early evening and there is plenty of light coming from the office buildings which gives the photo some sort of 'fullness'. Not much edit here, only little bit of sharpening and clarity. 

Every photo has some sort of spiritual feeling to me and characterize my stay in Sydney to speak the truth. I spend crazy amount of time using public transport, always look up and take photos of buildings, used to work as a construction worker and basically live with people that only work in construction, and finally I'm in love with skylines and night city. 

Thanks so much for reading my stories and checking out my photos.

You can find more of my amateur photos here:


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