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Sheharyar Hamayun




Sydney showcased by Blvckstock


I go under the Instagram alias Blvckstock. I reside in Sydney, Australia.. Below are images showcasing Sydney, all edited using VSCOFilm and shot with a Nikon 24mm 2.8d on a Nikon D7000.

1. This street portrait was taken at The Westin Sydney, a luxury hotel in the heart of Sydney's CBD and banking sector, Martin Place. This person happened to walk and stand in my shot and this personally appealed to me, as your eyes first look at the person and then the pillars which lead your eyes to the middle of the photo and add depth to the image. The attire of this person (long coat, bag and Blackberry in hand) i feel also reflects the banking culture of this part of the city.

2. This is my motion shot. Nothing says Sydney more than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I wanted to do something different with the motion shot, and opted to show the motion of this harbour centred around this famous bridge. Slowing down my shutter speed, i was able to the add a sense of motion to the moving clouds as well the blurry ferry/boat below the bridge. While i dont prefer shooting in bright conditions, it would be a lie if i didn't show the real Sydney, which is usually bright and sunny.

3. My look up shot. Doing look up shots of glass buildings, i prefer shooting in conditons where the sky is 65% clouds and 35% clear, as the clouds reflect quite nicely on the glass building and add a wider sense of depth to the photo. 

4. My night shot, in combination with motion. This motion shot of the scooter i took in front of the Apple Store Sydney in the heart of Sydney CBD. After waiting for 10 or so minutes of an appropriate vehicle, i was able to get a shot of this scooter free from any other vehicular distractions. The Apple store provided enough artifical light that i didnt have to bump my ISO too high, and also provided an appropriate backdrop, with the horizontal lines of the building adding a greater sense of motion to the shot. 


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