Sydney View From Kirribilli

I chose this photo as it is not a typical view of Sydney.  An aspect that you won't normally see in tourist brochures, but still a great view of our beautiful city.  I chose this image because, with it being an overcast day it is flat and needs work to give a dynamic punch.  I hope I can achieve this during this course.

I've adjusted white balance and contrast - with a little sharpening.  I've taken baby steps with the less is more philosophy.  Where do you think I can go from here?

Thanks Stephen & Jorge for your input.  I agree with both of you - some cropping has definitely helped this image.  I'm still struggling a bit to  get a bit of punch without going overboard.  I've tweeked it a bit from the last submission, and will work on it some more in my learning curve (not tone curve!).  This is a great programme - love it!


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