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Sydney Photography

I'm creating a logo/branding for a photographer I know. I had the idea of using the "n" in her name to create a camera strap/camera, but now I could use some help in tweaking it to make it look best. 

In order to follow the project rules, however, I'll first post the process.

The inspiration board: Sydney takes mostly nature photos, but sometimes portraits and food. I tried to incorporate them all in the images.


From there, I pulled out a few colors to aid us on our journey


Here's where I am so far with the logo 


While each camera is slightly different (and none seem "done" to me), the biggest thing is the n. She can't decide and I can't decide. Serif, sans serif, or camera strap? I like the camera strap (the last one), but I worry it's a bit too literal. I also like the serif (the first), but have been told it looks like a letter that happens to have a camera attached to it.  ANY help would be SO appreciated! Thanks!


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