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Souli Paspasporn

Founder & Designer



Swoonerie Swim

{1} Branding and Slogan

The word 'swoon' has been in my vocabulary ever since I heard it in the movie Clueless back in 1995. "I don't get how guys dress these days. It looks like they just fell out of bed... and we're expected to swoon?" -- which is exactly it! Why settle for anything less than something that should make us swoon? 

Taking a page out of the famous fashion houses of Europe, I wanted to give my brand name  a touch of sophistication and a little 'je ne sais quoi'. While many fashion brands looked to becoming 'The House of...' ... I turned to the whimsical and rather yummy french addition of '--erie' to indicate specialization or expertise. 

Voila! and so 'Swoonerie' was born!

{2} Wordmark & Icon

I am proud of the fact that my swimsuits are all handmade and ultimately would like to keep it that way for as long as I can. When designing my logo, I wanted to keep that in mind. The treatment of the logo is meant to look hand painted with carefree strokes and confidence. The actual icon, the rose, has a defined outline but the watercolor splashes run out of the lines and bleed across the page. All very intentional.

{3.5} Collection CADs

The main inspiration for this collection was the duality of Gemini. As a Gemini, I feel the need to satisfy both of my 'personalities': The Sultry Swoon as well as the Spunky Swoon. Half of the collection is dripping in luxurious lace, unique tie-styling as well as a sexy monokini. The other half is bubbly and free-spirited, expressed through fun, youthful patterns including chevron, stripes, polka dots and denim. 

Price point remains mid-range: $75-$110 per set.

{3.6} Extra Credit: Branded Car

Although the assignment called for a KIA Soul, I decided on the Nissan Cube for its soft lines and outwardly fun shape. It reminds me so much of a mini ice ceam truck and one of my inspirations happens to be popsicles. It's reminiscent of childhood summers, the ice cream man and utter excitement! Again, I've carried the watercolor motif over and kept it simple with the logo and our url.



Rather than slinking into the background, She is bold and unapologetic. The type that answers a question with a question. She's a sweet Tart. She's a Southern Belle. She's the next Bond Girl.

When I design for Swoonerie Swimwear, I design for the girl who knows what she wants. She doesn't want to be told, "You need this." Every piece is, "That's what I'm talking about."

S W O O N E R I E  S W I M ...
is a Vancouver-based, handmade & bespoke women’s swimwear brand. Combining great style and handmade-charm, Swoonerie is quickly gaining a following amongst trendsetters, exotic vacationers and sun-worshippers worldwide.

Artist & New Media Designer, Souli Paspaporn is the creative force behind Swoonerie Swimwear. Inspired by travel, fashion, music, pop culture and the essence of being a woman! Swoonerie Swim is for the life-lovers, for the dare to be differents, for dance partiers, for barefoot explorers; it is for women everywhere who love their bodies and free-expression. 

With newly-acquired 'free-time' and a sewing machine, Swoonerie Swim was established in 2013. 

Known for its unique designs and bold details, the line is progressing into a brand that hopes to make an impact in todays fashion world. Plans to collaborate with other creative personalities and artisans are in discussion and we are excited to debut new designs late 2013, with signature designs launching weekly.

M Y  J O U R N E Y
I design swimwear for my friends, for friends of friends and for their friends. While my background is in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I've always had one foot in the fashion door. Every Swoonerie Swim suit is designed and handmade by me.

With only a few months under my belt, I hope to learn, build and grow Swoonerie Swim into an impactful, thriving brand.


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