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Nick Rhodes

Hodie Felix Craster



Switchopen.com Logo sticker

First off, I have to say that the lesson by Aaron was a blast. Honest and straight to the point, no BS.

I really enjoyed having a crack at a sticker/badge for my illustration company Switchopen. 


My inspiration came quite easily really. I looked at cast iron grids in my local area, as I love their solid state design and patterns.

Alongside this I am a bit of an aircraft geek, so wanted to add in a compass element to the design in a subtle way but not too obvious that its confusing to the viewer what the hell I do. More for my own vanity! My colour inspiration came from an old Royal New Zealand Airforce sticker on my old sketchbook that has faded over time. From bright red to a warm pink colour. (The picture above)

Below is my final piece, all set to go, tidied up. (CMD Y)  I intend to have stickers made for my postal tubes when I ship my prints. Plus I think I will give this a whirl on the laser cutter by etching it on to wood. 


Finally the finished piece mocked up on cardboard. I doff my virtual cap Aaron, I learnt a ton of new tricks and enjoyed every last second putting them in to place. 



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