Swirl it! Taste-Based wine Recommendation App

Swirl it! makes wine more approachable by helping users navigate the most intimidating wine lists.  “Have you ever stared blankly at a wine list, not having a clue if the $16 pinot will be as tasty to you as the one that is half the price? Wine is subjective, our taste buds determine what we enjoy and what we dump down the drain.”

With Swirl It! users can:

  • Discover wines as unique as their palates: In three simple steps, users select their location, their wine, and take a sip -  “Swirl” if they like it and “Spit” if they don’t. The more a user “Swirls” the more accurate their recommendations become – wine flavor and variety preferences are automatically populated into breakdown of each user’s palate.

  • Track tasting history: Individuals frequently forget which wines they liked and which they didn’t. Swirl it! keeps track of your tasting history by managing a digital library of your “Swirls” and “Spits” at various locations.

  • Swirl socially: The Swirl it! social feed allows users to check out what friends and local tastemakers are swirling by following them and watching tracking their  Swirls, Spits, photos and location-specific pairing advice.


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