"Swingin' Spade- how music and murder undid Spade Cooley; the 'King of Western Swing' "- a Documentary

“Swingin’ Spade”


Spade Cooley was a music pioneer. He originated the term “Western Swing” and, as the self-proclaimed “King of Western Swing” was all over the Country & Western charts in the 1940’s and 50’s. But with that talent came something else- a temper and a violent streak. So, in a fit of jealousy over an extra-marital affair of his wife, she ended up dead, and he in jail…


“Swingin’ Spade” will be a full-length documentary; showing his overall history, both on and off the music charts. Interviews with historians; musicians; family & friends will pepper the film, along with rare clips & photos. The goal is to show a picture of a man that, even with huge success, can carry demons that end up being his undoing.





Our Kickstarter Goal is $23,000, and will cover all costs of production. Our budget is strict and precise, and from it aim to produce a film that not only tells a complete story, but is engaging as well as informative.



Our Production Schedule is: 

* Social Media Set-up- March 1st, 2013

* Pre-Production- May 1st to 15th, 2013

* Production- June 1st to June 30th, 2013

* Post-Production- July 1st to August 30th, 2013

* Completion- September 30th, 2013


Our targets for release & distribution:

We are aiming to have the Documentary and its first showing (premiere) by the end of the year. Next, we’ll target a half dozen Festivals & Conventions for screenings in the first quarter of 2014, then schedule a streaming & media distribution (DVD and/or Blu-ray) by the end of April 2014.





To thank all of our Kickstarter Partners for contributing (and for just reading about our Project here we want to THANK YOU), we want to show our appreciation in some sort of tangible way. So, we have multiple levels that you can contribute to:


* $5- Level 1 (“Lights”)- Our thanks for helping us meet our goal. By you contributing, you are throwing out some good Karma in the Universe, and we’ll be tossing it right back to you (Estimated Delivery- the second you click the “Contribute” button)


* $10- Level 2 (“Camera”)- In addition to our thanks, you’ll receive a Limited Edition bumper sticker with the working logo. Save it; use it; pass it on to a friend- whatever (Estimated Delivery- May 2013)


* $25- Level 3 (“Sound”)- In addition to the above, you’ll also get a raw DVD copy of the workprint. It won’t be in fancy packaging or include any Special Features, but it’ll be a first peek into our film, and hey- you can say that you’ve seen it before anyone else! (Estimated Delivery- August 2013)


* $50- Level 4 (“Action”)- All of the above PLUS a super cool Documentary “CREW” T-shirt. Tell your friends that you were part of the making-of, because, hey… you WERE! (Estimated Delivery- May 2013)


* $100- Level 5- (“Cut”)- All of the above PLUS any additional promotional schwag that’s issued to publicize the initial release. It could be anything from shirts to bags to koozies- who knows? Also, you’ll get an end credits “Thank You” on the finished print (Estimated Delivery- November 2013)


* $500- Level 6- (“Print”)- All of the above PLUS (2) signed copies of the finished DVD, along with a signed copy of the pressbook issued at release. These will be very limited and not available to the general public. Also, a special gift- two tickets to the premiere (Location TBA- travel, lodging and expenses not included) (Estimated Delivery- First Quarter 2014)


* $1000- Level 7- (“Wrap”)- All of the above PLUS an “Associate Producer” credit on the finished film AND a signed, limited edition one-sheet. This will truly make you a big part of the project. Oh, one more thing- you’ll get a two-minute area on the finished disc to promote whatever you’d like (language and nudity will have to be cleared first, though- pending rating of the film) (Estimated Delivery- November 2013)


* $5000- Level 8 (“Premiere”)- First off… THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Okay, so on top of all of the above goodies, you’ll also get an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit; four V.I.P Tickets to the premiere, and 2 days lodging nearby (Travel, transportation & expenses not included)



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