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Jovana A

Design student




I don't know why this happens, but no matter if I render it as a video or as a .jpeg sequence (tried photoshop sequence, too) the color changes on some frames, even though in After Effects everything is fine.

There's no pattern to it, I went through all frames in Photoshop and deleted dark ones (it was tree in front and bushes in front that would go darker, I'll insert those 'darker' frames as reference later on), also, my .gif file was 11mb before, and 8mb after I removed those frames (800x600px is size of my composition). 

34/121 frames are 'dark'

It seems like it would be better if I created new project with same artwork instead of trying to figure out what's wrong. I really enjoyed working on it, so it's such a shame it bacame a render nightmare haha

Here's a link to animation with removed frames: http://mab.to/8RK1ymfiV

And here are the dark ones: 



I really don't know why are files this large. This 5s video is 166mb, while HD, 720p video of 1:30min takes up only 144mb...

 I'll look at this tomorrow again to see if I can fix it.

Anyone has same issue? 

Anyhow, lovely class! It was so fun making this and I can't wait to put this knowledge to use in further projects :) 


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