Swing Move Dictionary

I recently learned to swing dance, which is great fun and I encourage everyone to try. Swing dancing is a partner dance in which the leader has to pick which moves to do and when. On a crowded dance floor, this is a lot for a beginner to manage.

Many beginners create flash cards or lists of moves to remember, but these don't do a good job of illustrating what the move shoud look like. Meanwhile, there are lots of scatterd videos and photos illustrating how to perform moves. 

My project is to create an online dictionary of dance moves where users can login, create a list of moves they have learned complete with photos and video to illustrate how the move is performed. The site should be easily utilized on a phone for quick reference, or on a desk top at home where videos can be viewed on a big screen. As video resources are already online, hosting video is not necessary, but should be able to embed video and link to source.


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