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Ce Cruz




Swimming on everything

Hello, everyone! Really wanted to try this course because I tend to overthink in every project and I thought it would be ok to relax a little. Also, I discovered a few things about me. By starting, I chose a completely unused Posca I had at home and an Uniball for fine lines:


I started drawing on a pink cardboard hanging on the wall. Lines were fluid and organic. I filled the background with circles and points (in my signature I always include a circle and a point, curious detail). And among so much bubble and line I always end up looking for fishes, corals and sea references in the empty spaces until the drawing is completed (sea is a recurrent theme for me). As you can see here, standing up I draw some kind of octopus:


Then I tried with music. Alice Wolf is a very familiar group to me, I really like them. I was very calm while drawing, it was all very fluid and found a mermaid:


Next song, not really my taste. I was even a little irritated. Here's the result:


By rotating the paper I came up with this mess of fishes and algae:


Truth is that blindfolded didn't work really well for me:


And finally, I draw this coral with a small fish while talking with my boyfriend about a documentary about Atari we had just seen:


I found this experiment very interesting and relaxing. For sure I will repeat the next time I get stressed. Thank you very much, Shantell, for your wise advice!



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