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Swimming Otter

I've made some logos in the past but I wanted to challenge myself to making one with movement and one as geometric / simple as possible.

I found some photos as reference like the ones below and gravitated to the one in the middle in particular.  Sorry if they're a little grainy.


Then I jumped into the next phase of sketching.  After doing lots of drawings on top of the diving otter I started to like the divided look the most. It's the image on the left.  After a few more sketches I curved the tail which I thought made the otter shape a little more recognizable and just felt right.  Then after even more, I gave him some weight by widening the mid section and gave him a more otter-like face


At that point I thought it was in a good enough place to bring it into illustrator and map out the vertices and color.


Here's the final with some added darker colors to make it stand out.  To be honest I feel like this is close but not quite there yet.  I tried a few different placements for the darker colors and while this was where I ended up, I'd love to know where others would have done differently.  Any tips and criticisms are welcome.

For a side project I figured this was a good place to stop.   I really enjoyed making this and loved George's lessons




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