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Swig and Sew

Below are my attempts at a secondary and blender patterns. I have learned through this process that working with straight lines and realisitic motifs are hard! It's challenging to find the movement and flow of the pattern and they can end up very clutttered and messy. Maybe that's why nature is often used?! The patterns that I've created are certainly not a collection or cohesive in any way, but the process of making them has been invaluable. You learn through your mistakes, I guess!






My first attempt at a hero pattern! Still needs a bit of tweeking...



Swig and Sew is all about socialising with friends, drinking wine and sewing. My friends and I started a Swig and Sew group several years ago, meeting at each others houses once a week to drink wine, catch up, laugh and work on our own sewing projetcs. This was such an inspirational period for me as I started my creative business during this time (as did two others) with the support and advice from my friends. It reminds me of the power, strength and support of friendship alongisde the creativity and enjoyment of sewing. I believe it's time to drag sewing into the contempoary age with the occasional nod to the past.

Here are a few motifs I've started on but I;m not sure at this stage if I need a few more motifs?!Work in progress.....



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