SwiftTasks / SwiftStaff

SwiftTasks / SwiftStaff - student project

SwiftTasks is a free ticket system / task manager / project management software.

It's technically ad supported for ourselves, and will be tightly integrated into SwiftStaff which is a network of outsourcing apps and outsourcing marketplaces. We need it to scale up, so we're building our own & giving it away.

While our suite of apps is entirely B2B, we cast a pretty wide net and can help anyone from one-person startups to enterprise companies, though realistically most of our clientele is solo or small teams under 25 people.

SwiftTasks can be as simple as a to-do list, a multi-user ticket tracking system, a software bug tracker, and/or project management software.

I'm looking forward to feedback!

RogerV in LA

>>> I'm unsure what "update your projects" means, but I'll just add notes below. 

1. Michael - the lessons are deceptively short... THANKS some things really popped in my head and I'm truly excited, and had to pull over in my car to make notes about how to implement.

So, to it: in this case, our task / project management software IS inherently viral, and even the best kind which is "added value for the user by sharing", because of delegation. The system is really built first and foremost for small business.

So, I need to be careful, because if I turn on certain features, i.e. "Delegate this task to Anyone", which simply grabs a name/email and creates an account for them on the fly, it may spread fast. Anyway, I've tweaked some buttons and user-interface based on your lessons.

I know about Asana - but think we're doing some things better, in addition, I'm integrating an outsourcing platform, built in, and some David Allen GTD Getting Things Done type ideas including an imap-based email checker which allows you to "Convert to Task", "Convert to Project", "Convert to Accounting" (SwiftBooks, future project, like QuickBooks or Freshbooks) or "Convert to Selling Opportunity (SwiftCRM, already running).

It'll be interesting to apply these concepts to the CRM and accounting, but those too have partially viral components; i.e. money requests and payments, invoices, etc. + status updates.

To be precise, changes implemented:

1. Add someone button reworked to "Add Anyone" with face-icons + "Invite New User" option.
2. Pavlovian payoff is the feeling knowing something is handled or in process i.e. "I need to get X done", but the feeling of power (having people at your beck and call) + feeling of release knowing the idea or task will get executed (or so the user thinks, anyway) I think is pretty powerful, but we need to have a clear status message like "Task Delegated" if the person added was given the role "Worker". If the role of "Manager" or "Client" was added, then the pain-point is having that client feel like forward progress is happening, therefore the payoff should be "Client Status Update Sent".

More to follow. MG if you're reading this, thanks man.