Swift Finance

Swift Finance - student project

Swift Finance - image 1 - student project


Using the tutorial I created a finance app called Swift. I made a custom logo for a splash screen and have provided two login options for passcode and fingerprint. I then went on to create an animated prototype with XD. 

Click here to view my XD prototype - The fingerprint graphic can be interacted with to display both an error message (if you click on the text below the icon) and a confirmation (which needs a double tap to transition to the next page - this is the same for the passcode). The cards can be dragged from right to left, they also animate into place growing/shrinking in size and transitioning in opacity. The transaction information below the cards can be vertically scrolled. There are two transaction links for the last Upwork entry as well as Netflix.



Thank you Ljubomir Bardžić for your easy to follow lessons.