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Kate Smith




Swept Away


Wow, the tracing was actually pretty tough!  I usually just write and re-write and re-write rather than trace.  So, I ended up tracing about 7 times and changing out nibs.  I usually write too heavily to use the Brause EF 66 nib, but for tracing, that's what worked best for me.  Here's the scan and the first photoshop edit.



I have a sketch finally that I like. I am not a natural flourisher and Molly's tips have been so helpful.   I still have troubles with the flourish on the "y" but this is the best so far.


1/22/14 - I am so excited to start this class!  I'm a calligraher, and I need work in two areas: flourishing and digitizing.  I don't have a current project and I have just a little bit of time, so I've picked a short phrase that has some capitals, a descender and a t to cross,  "Swept Away".  Should be fun!  here are a few first sketches:


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