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Bumble Bee

back to school.



Sweety Pie

First project: God Påske

My first try "God Påske" (Good Easter in Norwegian, since I live here now) was done with a 0.1 line pen. I screwed up the end of the 'e', but I did try to correct it a little later with a white pen. I lack a lot of art materials because it was hard for me to go to the art store where I am at. But I intend to do some shopping in the coming weeks and try out some other pens recommended. 


Having another go with some colored pens: 


I didn't have tracing paper, so I tried copying the letter forms suggested and it really helps! 

Second project: Make It Yours

I started with a rough sketch first:


Then I sketched it into a proper sketch book:




And finish:


Third Project: Sweetie Pie

Similarly, I did a sketch first, outline them in, and then decided on the decorative elements and colors as I go. 




Wasn't sure how I was going to color the pie since I've never drawn one before, but I was quite happy with the circular lines I ended up with. 

Question: I did try writing with watercolor brushes, but I can't get the thick and thins disctinct enough, and it's a bit hard to drag a smooth line from down to up. Any tips for me? Or it is because I should use the waterpens instead?

The class was very insightful and clear. Please feel free to give me some feedback on how and where I can improve.

Thank you! 


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