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Sweetie's Ice Cream Shop: Christmas Tree Sales Signage

My neighbors own an awesome organic ice cream shop, and I've been doing their signage ever since they opened for business this past summer. Recently they decided to stay open for business all the way up until Christmas! We live in a small town in Western Maine, so needless to say, great advertising is key for people to know that an ice cream shop is actually still open in December. 

Basically, when I decided to create this sign, I wanted it to have the following qualities for "look & feel:"

  • Vintage
  • Quirky
  • Fun
  • Christmas Themed
  • Traditional Sign Painting
  • Consistent with current signage and branding
  • Relatable to the owners' personalities and fun-loving nature

I did a bunch of research on traditional sign painting techniques, layouts, the masters, and the lettering styles, and realized that the original signage I did for them is already in this style (phew!). So, making the sign consistent with their existing projects was a breeze. 


Thumbnail: The one I picked! 

Rough Sketch: First Round

Then I went and talked with the owners! We decided to lose the logo and go with basic lettering that kind of mimicked their logo's lettering style. So I adjusted the sketch. 

Then we went and found this wicked old and crappy piece of plywood for the sign ... not ideal, but it'll work. I sanded, primed, and painted. Then I went ahead with the layout. I did a lot of taping, and because the budget is pretty low on this project, I haven't been able to use the amazing One-Shot paint I wanted. However, I'm going to Tim-Gunn it and make it work! Here's where I am at as of today: 

The sign colors will be: 

  1. Dark green
  2. Metallic gold
  3. Red
  4. White
  5. Black

Tonight I am starting on laying out the letters on the banner, and will be changing up the verbiage per a last minute request! Hopefully it will go well! 


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