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Sweetest Spring Regards


For me every pattern starts with a sketch. I bought some hyacinths and found some daffodils in my garden so I placed them on my coffee table and did my sketch. I love the light fresh a little bit yellowish  green of the emerging plants. The purple colour of the bulbs offers a very nice contrast to the leaves.

I would like to keep the contrasting colours in my pattern, too. I scanned my sketch and using the blob brush I traced them in Illustrator. Then I started to build my pattern like Elisabeth told us to by just trying to fit the pieces together like a puzzle.

My first colorway looked like this:


It looks quite alright but the colours don´t really pop out. Then I tried using pink.


Again nice but stil not popping enough. Then I tried purple, a colour I seem to use a lot these days.


With this darker background the yellow of the daffodils really stands out. 

Thank you for this great course, Elsiabeth!


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