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Sweet on You

January 6

I had started a project for the class back in October, but the quote was causing me a lot of grief (it was very long with very long words). I tried to take a break from it for a month, but still no luck. So, instead I'm starting a new project with a shorter phrase and an applicable format. The old project will sit on a shelf on my harddrive until later. :)

I am creating Valentine's Day cards with the phrase "Sweet on You" to send out to my graphic design class that I graduated with last June. It'll be a fun exercise in handlettering and a cute way to keep in touch with my friends I haven't seen in almost 7 months.

word list:

valentines | pink | hearts | red | sweet | sugar | candy | friendly | happy | fun | lace | kisses | doilies | lovely | bright | boisterous | colorful | pretty


January 9


January 10


January 21

I focused in on a few ideas, played with tracing paper and ended up with these two more refined sketches below!

January 24

I've spent the past few days tracing, refining, retracing, refining again! I tried to do something different with the second sketch, but I wasn't really feeling it as much as my refinements to the first sketch.

I put 'you' into a candy heart so it gained importantance! I also adjusted the proportions of the frame overall, since I am now getting this printed online as a postcard with specific dimensions.

(I digitally scooted over the heart.. it wasn't quite centered before!)

I've gotten feedback that it might be bottom heavy... do you think so? It might depend on how I color it in (those ornamentions might not stand out as much!) I also added a little detail on ON but I can't decide if it's too much or if it's cute.

Is it too bottom heavy? Do you have any suggestions for balancing it out? I tried to doodle some ornamentations in the top but they weren't relating to anything up there like they do to the heart below.

I just converted it into a horizontal version too:

I also did one with a less dramatic curve in the word 'sweet':

January 25

I tried a rounder format for a frame, and the content fits so much better inside it!

January 26


The whole thing got slightly pushed to the left inside the doily as I traced and retraced, but I've nudged it over in the digital version.

Today I've been coloring it in Illustrator! Good golly, there are a lot of colors in the world. ;)

January 27

Today is the day I'm sending these out to be printed! It is also the day I'm going to try to add some textures. I'm enrolled in Mary Kate's coloring class, but I think I'll have to do another project for that class following all the steps. Instead, I'm doing an abridged version for this time crunch!

These are my favorite color combinations. I just have to choose one to follow through with. That's where I need some help. :)

SO I PICKED ONE with the help of a few friends who are in on this secret project! Behold, the final valentine design:

I think it's done! I am so ridiculously excited about this AND about doing more handlettering.

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day, Skillshare! Below is a picture of the final postcards all printed and lovely from Moo.com. :) My classmates loved the surprise.


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