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Sweet enough to kill you


First I started collecting random images

At first the two elements that I found interesting are the soldier and the cute fluffy animals

But Cute fluffy animals and soldiers are allready done, so I think what else is cute and found some delicious looking cupcakes...

And with that image I remembered someone saying "This cake is sweet enough to kill you:... Now I have an idea of where I'm taking this project.


Here is some sketch showing the progress of my idea. From combining animals and soldiers to the current idea

These is some of the alternative "Tops" for the character...


Did a rough 3D model using Rhino...

Now I'm stuck in choosing the colours for this little guy...anyways these are a view of the colours that I came up with... Its actual cupcake colours... For me it looks a bit bland... maybe I should make some accesories for this guy, spoon, fork, maybe a ribbon?

Version 2

So I wasnt satisfied with how his hands look, and I want to incorporate an accesory, So I remodelled his hand and added a spoon for his "weapon"


For a more dynamic pose, the figure's body can rotate left and right and the hands also have some rotation movement.


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