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Adriana Herrera

Illustrator | Graphic Designer



Sweet business

Hi there!

well after a couple sketches here's kind of what i want to do, maybe it's a little girly..? well anyway it's like a cupcake girl and she's eating berries from her hair, the candy i drew at the bottom is for her arms, as tattoos, i'm allready tracing it in illustrator so maybe later today you'll see some more progress, anyway feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

i've been working a bit more on this and i'm having so much fun! here's a preview of how it's turning out, hope you guys like it. some feedback would be nice, how do you feel about the colors?

Hi! thank you all for your advice it's been really helpful, here's what i got so far i like it enough to submit it already but if you guys have some more thoughts i would love to read them :) i did some more tattoos as you recomended and i love it, also worked on the eyes and added a bit of shading. thanks for watching!


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