Sweet Vintage Birthday Cake Cards

Sweet Vintage Birthday Cake Cards - student project

This class was fantastic!  I learned so much and I'll be returning to it over and over again as I continue to build my skills. When I started my card research, I found myself drawn to the vintage-inspired cards featuring different types of decorated cakes, cookies, and cupcakes in pastel candy colors.

Many of the cards also featured embellishments like rhinestones, glitter, foil, and embossing.  I wasn't sure how to incorporate glitter in a separate layer in Adobe Photoshop but I figured out how to add rhinestones, foil, and embossing. For presentation only, I used Google Images to get the dot foil layer and the rhinestone photos.  Question:  Is it best to purchase these elements in packages from websites like Creative Market to avoid any copyright infringement issues?

This is my first time working with a presentation format. I don't have a graphic design background so this is all a steep learning curve for me.  However, I really enjoyed working with this format and hope to improve with more practice. I've included two versions of the cake card and lined envelope. I've also included embossed stickers. Sweet Vintage Birthday Cake Cards - image 1 - student project

Celia Caro

Art teacher and artist