Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast

Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast - student project

Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast - image 1 - student project

Ok let's start my first skillshare project :)
A little rough drawing of a dreamy cappuccino, croissant and lazy biscuits. Sketched during breakfast.
Probably I'll delete the face of the cup: too much of eyes here (the croissant face is a bit "weird" too)!

It's not my usual style, but I love the POP effect that Mr Ball gives to his creations! 

I work with adobe photoshop and illustrator, this time I want to experiment with Affinity, let's see what I can do with it :)
I'm busy at the moment, but I hope I can update the project quickly.


Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast - image 2 - student project

Ok, I downloaded Affinity (trial version). I played for an hour with it.
Not bad at all. I love the shadings and it's really nice to quickly add details and effects.
Not really happy about the "inking" part (brush tool)... it looks a bit slow.
But it's just the first hour of the first try :)

Here you are the cappuccino cup. I hope to have more time tomorrow to add all the others.


Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast - image 3 - student project

Another free hour, another little update: I'm having fun!
Still work in progress... 
(Yes, they're dancing. With no feet)

I'm trying to stay more POP as possible.


Sweet Tooth - Italian Breakfast - image 4 - student project

Here we are!

Not really happy about the background, but no time to work on it.
I definitely had fun. I enjoyed playing with colors and shadings!!!

Thanks for all the help and love!

Sabrina Gabrielli

Illustrator & Poster Artist