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Sweet Tart Beauty

I have been blogging for three years now but my blog has never felt like me. I have worked with brands on reviews but i find i'm most passionate about interviews and storytelling. I have included links below to two of my interviews: 

Alexandra Dilworth from "The New Atlanta" on Bravo TV: 


Naja Rickettes from "LA Hair" on Wetv 


Who will be reading my blog?


  • Gender: Female 
  • Age: 18-34
  • Job Title: Students | Photographers| Journalist| Activist
  • Experience: 0-5 years of experience
  • Location: Global 
  • Devices used to access content: Computers, Ipads, Iphones 


  • Personality: compassionate, benevolent, big-hearted, sympathetic, considerate, unselfish, kind nature, gracious, easy going
  • Values: Acceptance, Awareness, benevolence, bravery, compansion, courage, Daring, dependable, determined, Drive, Empathy, Flexibility, Generous, Kindness, meekness, love, open-mind, peaceful
  • Attitudes: Giving, kindhearted, motivated, passionate
  • Interest: activism, photography, journalism, social networking, blogging, reading, people watching, collectors, meditation, traveling, storytelling
  • Lifestyles: Bohemianism, Activism, Digital,Opinion leaders, Young singles

Woman that represents my audience:

Allison is a 25 year old fashion student with an addiction to social media and blogging. Her big smile can light up any room and when she speaks people listen. Her fashion blog has over one million readers and she uses her platform to support local charities. 

Brand Statement:

Sweet Tart Beauty is a visual, informative , and engaging blog focused on providing content about encouraging diversity to compassionate, open-minded, kind-hearted individuals so that people of all backgrounds can have the confidence to look and feel their best.

Why are we doing this?

  • -To share my experience as a woman with a disability
  • Learn about difficulties the disabled community faces
  • Have a creative outlet
  • practice photojournalism

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regualar basis, we plan to:

  • Develop content for a magazine or book
  • Attract the attention of designers to create a capsule collection for women with disabilites 
  • Encourage stores to rethink their layout so as to accomodate wheelchairs.


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