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Sweet Start: A Chocolate Bar Repackaging

Hi There!

This project is just what I needed! I am always fond of vintage packaging and recentlyetting more and more intersted in typography and hand-lettering. I am also a big fan of snail-mails and handmade projects and this combines all my love.

I think I am a tad a bit pressed for Christmas (already made illustrated cards for this), but I think it is still okay-ish for a New Year Treat. I opt product repackaging instead of starting something from scratch.

Here is my initial brainstorming. 

I went to the my nearest grocery store to pick up some things I could work with, unable to find pop-rocks or any other popping things, I decided to just go for chocolate. Even when the project is finished and I cannot find the same chocolate bar, I think it will still usable for different chocolate bars, since the sizes pretty much similar.

I am planning to use a craft-colored sticker paper I have lying around so I limit my color palette since not every color translate well when printed using home-printer.

The end product will be a sticker-label on rewrapped chocolate bar. The color scheme will be based on whatever wrapping paper I could get my hands on. I am a pretty pragmatic person, so I like to work around with what I already got, or if not the simplest way to go around a problem.

Here is my moodboards/inspirations.

I am aiming for  label that have limited colors, and not too feminine, as I am also sending out the chocolates to male relatives. I sketch around the moodboard and trying elements that I like. I don't really like my hand-writing to be honest, and this project will surely up my snail-mail envelope game.

I also want to add a cameo-like illustration as an element in the label as inspired by the packagings in the moodboard. My first sketch is a bit of blergh (sorry for not showing it) but I kinda like the way the hair look so I retraced it using vellum and changed the face. I usually used a cheap gel-pen from Muji when inking my drawings, but apparently it doesn'r work well in vellum/tracing paper so I got smudges and not too clear lines, I will fix it later in photoshop. 

Added element.

After I am happy enough with the illustration, I do a bit of warm up using the moodboard as reference to somehow get the hang of how things work. I am still pretty bad at calculating space, I hope it improves along with the project.

And here's my final brief.

After working on the thumbnails, I realized that I am not to keen on the dimension of the brief, it looks a bit too long so I am reducing it to 7.5 x 8.5 cm. I liked the two of the thumbnails so far, and asked my husband which one he likes best and discuss it. His opinions kinda help in a way that I have and outsider eyes and fresh look, as my decision can be a bit muddied since I spent so long looking at it.

The thumbnailing process also helps me to learn about spacing, layout and choosing elements. I was planning to incoporate native plants in the illustration, but it sort of feel too busy and over-reaching after trying it in thumbnails.Ohyeah, my thumbnail size will actually be the end-product size, but I will actually go bigger when sketching and then resize it in photoshop/illustrator, so I can work on the details better.

Here are my thumbnails.

I decided to develop my sketch with my top left thumbnail, I enlarged my working area into 10 x 11,5 cm (if I want to be precise the scale should be 11,3 cm but I think since it is handmade and going to be resized back, I think it is pretty safe to ignore the 2 mm).

Since my printer is going insane, probably because the cable is busted and I am still waiting for new cable to arrive, I am just going to update this project with photos from now.

Here's my inked sketch.

I made the sketch in two layers, as I want to fix the tracking on the 'Sweet Start' a bit in Photoshop and add the dropshadow afterwards.Since I know I'm gonna make a lousy really bad awful circle if done by hand, I will make the circle on computer and add shading as drawn on the top layer, but will actually be behind 'a new year treat' to tie in with the triangle framing on top.

Here's my first layer.

By the God of Electricity (Thor's second cousin), my scanner sputtered to lfe! So i get scanning right away!

Here's my scnned illo.

As you can see, I have a lot of tidying up to do, the ideal thing is to sketch a new layer and juxtapose it with the old one, but since the printer is a bit insane at the moment i just try to do it in photoshop. 

Here's what I did in Illustrator and as you can see I also included elements from the other layer.

I also tweaked the elements here and there while trying not to loose the handmade feel so much. I am a bit disappointed on how the 'girl' turn out, the digitized version loose a lot of the details of the original version, but then again it's gonna be printed pretty tiny, So, no drama, keep it moving.

I picked the top right color combo, and move my work to Photoshop, to add more elements. I suppose the right way will be to just do it in Illustrator, but I am more confident and find it more easy to just use Photoshop at the moment. I am pretty excited to join another skillshare classes for Illustrator techniques in the future though.

And here's my final design.

And since I am planning to print it in craft paper, I have to make sure whether or not the design and color will work. So I add a craft paper texture (top layer and multiply) and just play around with 'Hue and Saturation".

Below I include my color combos and also the design with white background for comparison.

I kinda like the top color combos so far, but I realized that I have to tweak the 'New Year Treat' some more, as it is barely visible especially in the craft paper. 

And here is the finished product!


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