Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots - student project

Sweet Spots - image 1 - student project

Never done anything big on a mac. Mostly I find ways to be creative with Powerpoint as I´m not very computer friendly. 

I am a lover of sports and this idea came to me while watching a ski movie. As I am based in Norway we do our fair share of skiing and over the past 10 years twintip skiing has taken over the nation. 

I want to create an app that allows Jibbers (fancy name for twintip skiers) to locate a Rail in an urban surrounding that they can use to practise and film their skills on. 

The idea is that jibbers can find a sweet rail, take a picture of it and upload that to the app. The app wil then register its geografic location and create a library of locations and images that people have shot on the same rail. People will be able to rate the rails difficulty and share their tricks.

The idea can also be translated to other sports and countries around the world, like skateboarders, BMX´rs or free runners. 

Just thought it would be cool to have a place where people could share and discuss awesome tricks.

Anyway, wish me luck.