Sweet Spot Illustrations

Sweet Spot Illustrations - student project

Terrific class and a real challenge for me. I will admit that I did this without doing much contemplation on the concept beyond the mug in front of me, so I really want to do another version with something more challenging than "What are the benefits of turmeric latte?"

I won't post all my rougher sketching and lists, but I did start with pencil and paper first. I did watercolor versions of the ingredients (spices, honey, salt, milk, and the mug) and then moved those along with the other rough sketches into Procreate. I initially did only the four single ladies (I'm counting the skeleton as a lady), then decided they weren't interesting or complex enough and didn't include any action or background. Sweet Spot Illustrations - image 1 - student project



These are the first watercolor version. Another challenge for me was that limited color palette - I did my best with that... Also, I'm more of a line person than a shape person, so there was another challenge. I did my best to embrace them all and try to merge my tendencies with the class brief.


Sweet Spot Illustrations - image 2 - student project


These are what I redrew in Procreate and really tried to reduce the linework and stick to the limited colors.

Sweet Spot Illustrations - image 3 - student project


And this is the rest of the set - I think I will still go back in and make the texture all the same and unite them more than I have. I tried putting a solid color shape behind the ladies to give them more weight but that ended up just looking funky. I am open to ALL feedback - I used to write television, so I have a thick skin and want to learn. Thanks again for another great class!Sweet Spot Illustrations - image 4 - student project


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