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Sweet Spontaneous

Right now I'm in my last semester in college. I've just finished my final project. It feels like freedom (even though for a moment) from all the sleepless night of writing my ressearch result. Yall know that feeling when you could go back to all the fun of the world outside the library rite? :)

I've been spending my time watching movies and doing all lazy activities (which is actually doing nothing) all day long after my final project submission. And I came to a point where I think I felt bored and need something new, fun, refreshing, and meaningful (or at least productive/ useful) to do. 

I opened my email and saw an email from Skillshare that informed me I can get some free classes. So, just like other college students who are excited with 'free' things, I joined this class. Then maybe you would wonder, out of the other fun and interesting classes, why did I choose this class? Because recently I fell in love with Ansel Elgort and decided to give him a beautiful hand-lettering calligraphy loveletter. *kidding! ;)

I fell in love seeing other people works of calligraphy and painting in Instagram and Pinterest and I thought about giving some precious people during my college life my own framed-calligraphy as a farewell gift. Am I not a nice person? Am I not sweet? :D 

I only have watercolour and one calligraphy pen, but I tried anyway. Here are some of my works I've done. I practiced the lines and also look in the internet for some quotes and wrote them. 




Here is my final work for the project. I've painted some flowers and decided to put it here as the border. I scanned both the calligraphy and the paintings. I put the calligraphy and the flowers together using photoshop (I'm not really a photoshop person so pardon me for some mistakes there).


I chose this quote to represent the process of my learning actually, the two words, sweet and spontaneous. It is sweet because I want the people who will see it to smile :) And it is spontaneous because I decided to learn it spontaneously without any prep and just do it :) 

I hope the reason is make sense *I showed it to one of my friend and he said "what's the relation?" Well, but it's okay though if you don't find the relation too. I'm sure you could find the relation or the reason to like the quotes by yourself  :) *and maybe the reason to like my work ;)

It's fun and I hope that I have enough courage, strength, bravery, effort, and perseverance to continue to learn calligraphy! Amen for that! :D 

See y'all





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