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Stacey McAdams

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Sweet Savory Southern

Instead of my Southern upbrining and heritage drifting to the wayside by moving to the midwest two and an half years ago, it has instead blossomed and expaned into an idenity. This identiy not only molded my past but continues to mold my future. The things I grew up loving comes back to me in a wave when they are no longer available. Sweet tea. Shrimp and grits. Fried okra. Southern homemade biscuits. Fig preserves. While some of this is available in the midwest, it's not the same. Maybe it is the love that goes into this that I miss. The smell of biscuits rising in my grandmother's oven. Breaking beans on her front porch only to enjoy them that night for dinner. The experience is necessary.

Even thought I am no longer in the South, I feel the need to share this love with other. I began a blog titled Sweet Savory Southern, and want to create a brand to enhance the blog. I am beginning with a logo design and then implementing that design into packaging options. I want the brand to be comtemporary yet bring in old styles and designs to enhance the brand. The things that inspire me are primarily South Carolina. The tea and grit plantations. The cloth bags that stone ground grits come in. Line drawings in the old cookbooks. Old line maps. The beautiful, unique green ironwork throughout the city of Charleston. History is abundant and heritage is alive.

The task for this project is to finalize the logo and create labels for items such as homemade preserves. Who knows what will progress as items begin to be designed. I apprecaite all comments and suggestion! Thanks in advance. 

I began some sketches for the brand. I want something that has a strong Southern heritage feel. I began by thinking of the bags that stone ground grits are held in, many examples can be shown in my mood board. I came up with the idea of making a lable for a jam jar (top right of sketches). The jar lid would be covered with cloth, a cloth similar to a heavy cotton just like the grits come in, with the logo to display on the top of the jar. The cloth would be secured with a burlap string with a hang tag to describe the product - along with being able to see the project through the clear jar. 

The design has 3 parts. (1) The logo creation, which are the majority of the sketches, then (2) the execution of the cloth cover and (3) hand tag. 

I am leaning toward the logo that is a ribbon backed by a piece of corn. I like the antiquish style of this layout, along with the font treatment. However, I would love thoughts and comments on any or all of my sketches. This would immensely help as I continue developing the brand.

After a comment about the corn maybe not refercing "southern" - and possibly pointing toward the Midwest - I began brainstorming other options. I wanted to stay consistent with the style and spacing of what the corn took up so I began to think of items on a vine that would fill the space nicely. Three automatically came to mind: grape tomatoes, blueberries and blackberries. All three would work nicely however the blackberries had that extra "texture" that I was look for that the corn once provided.

So I now have a finalized sketch of the logo that I want to use for the product - which will stand alone in many aspects of the brand. Plus I think the blackberries play along nicely with the fact that this first label is for homemade jam! A finalized logo in ink will be uploaded soon!

With my ink sketch completed, I am fairly happy! I am not 100% sure blackberries is the right item but I love the flow of the inked piece. I am going to follow through with this design, and maybe try some other options after I get this one completed.  Once scanned in, I vectorized the logo and changed it to really dark gray, which I LOVE!

Now for the application - the logo to the actual product!


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